Tuesday, 15 May 2012



The group that met on 3rd May in the Ladywell Tavern were filmed by ITV for the programme 'Tonight', featuring stories about the challenges associated with childcare provision. They filmed us having our nursery campaign meeting, along with having spent a day filming one of the Honor Oak parents in their home.
Our 2-minute slot is due to be aired on ITV (not sure of the time but I will confirm as I am sure you will want to see it!) on Thursday 31st of May (day after the Mayor decision so not sure whether they will include something on that too!). ITV contacted us to be filmed so our campaign is definitely registering 'out there'.

The Council are due to meet to decide the future of the nurseries

The Council are due to meet to decide the future of the nurseries at the Mayor and Cabinet meeting, 6pm on Wednesday the 30th of May 2012. [agendas are confirmed a week in advance of the meeting]

The meeting is a public forum & although members of the public cannot contribute (just be there, watch & listen) the more there are of us present, the more the council will realise how serious we are about our campaign.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


It is fantastic news, we've had an article in the MERCURY an independent newspaper where Kate Gould has described how devastated the closure of the three nurseries will be for parents who have planed to come back to work or are working at the moment and now they don't have any other options as there is a lack of affordable childcare nearby.

Please read it and feel free to leave your comments. Nurseries too vital to close
But shutting down the centres in Honor Oak Park, Rushey Green and Ladywell will lead to 78 staff losing their job

Spread the word among your friends as this is important for everybody who has children but also for the whole community.
Show your support by signing the petition and fill in the survey.
Petition to save three Early Childhood Centres 
Lewisham Childcare Experiences Survey

Big thanks to everybody who put their time and work to our Save Lewisham Nurseries campaign.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Thank you everybody who attended photo shoot and meeting yesterday in Hilly Fields

We had really nice time with picnic afterwords and warm cup of coffee.
Kids enjoyed a lot playing together and we have a lovely picture now :-)

Thanks @alternativeSE4 for an article on alternativese4.com. Anyone who wants to join the discussion there please feel free to leave some comments.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


We are meeting for the photo shoot on Sunday the 25th at Hilly Fields playground at 10.30

Please attend with your children if possible. It will be sunny and there will be some local press there. It is also a chance for a group meeting afterwards especially for everyone who has struggled to come to meets during the week. Meet by sandpit, Hilly Fields. Some of you and your kids have made banners etc - bring all that, plus partners, any older children, grannies etc! The aim is for cheerfulness. Flasks of tea and a blanket might make the meeting afterwards more comfy too...


I'm pleased to announce that we're on the Brockley Central blog. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

if you want to join the discussion please get a minute and make comment on the thread!


We are a group of parents from the three nurseries that face closure in Lewisham. The 3 centres are: Honor Oak, Ladywell and Rushy Green Sure Start centres. As a group we are working together to meet our primary aim: to keep the 3 Lewisham nurseries open.

We've got a number of porjects on the go. We'll share our progress through this twitter handle.

We have a petition against closing the nurseries here:  PLEASE SIGN UP!
We also have a paper based petition, which will be appearing in all good local stores.

We are also conducting some research -  PLEASE FILL IN THIS QUESTIONNAIRE

We plan to work as closely as we can with the Lewisham Council to find a solution to the funding crisis. We are also conducting our own research into funding models for the nurseries. So, 4 projects, all focussed our primary aim of keeping the Lewisham nurseries open.